Huisgenoot, 27 January 2011

Bobby van Jaarsveld and Kurt Darren, two big Afrikaans ‘superstars’ in South Africa, got married in the same week, a day after each other.

I actually wondered what Huisgenoot would do in this situation, because they’re both ‘EXCLUSIVE’ material, and they can’t be both on the cover, in the same week. So I thought that Kurt would be on the cover (last week) and then there would just be some wedding pics of Bobby in that issue as well.

Boy was I wrong. They were willing to wait another week, and keep it as an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ for the week after (issue out today in Cape Town), and put Bobby and his new wife on the cover, exactly 2 weeks after the wedding.

I wrote an article yesterday about the possible money that exchanged hands between Kurt and Huisgenoot, and all the trade pages that all his wedding suppliers received. I wonder if this is the same case with Bobby…

I’m sure that the Huisgenoot-team is already praying that there wouldn’t be two big ‘EXCLUSIVE’ weddings a day after each other, in the future.


  • Issue: 27 January 2011
  • On the cover: Bobby van Jaarsveld & Annatjie
  • Price: R14.95

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