Playboy South Africa launch issue

Seems like the Playboy South Africa launch party at Café Culture in Johannesburg is big success so far. I’m not there, and the editor told me on Twitter on that I can’t get a sneak-preview of the first issue, and that only the guests at the launch party will get the issue first (Copies on sale from tomorrow).

The rumour that went around was the Ms. Khanye Mbau was going to be first cover model of the launch issue of Playboy South Africa. One of my Twitter-followers informed me that she heard that Ms. Mbau started this rumour herself… and it seems she was correct!

The first cover model is Tracy McGregor! See the picture below which @merrystrwberry Tweeted directly after they revealed who will be on the cover…

@heatSouthAfrica tweeted this picture. Seems like they have the scoop on this, and it will all be the new issue of Heat, out tomorrow.

And here’s the cover almost every hot blooded male in the country was waiting for:

I’m going to try and buy this issue tomorrow to have an up close and personal look, but from this image, her tits and stomach looks like they’re photoshopped very poorly…but it’s probably that piece of material covering her.

But I’m really excited about this magazine, and definitely going to buy it, and even subscribe if it’s good enough…

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