Playboy South Africa, June 2011

Playboy South Africa

I love magazines like Playboy (and Hustler) that like to push the envelope and sometimes try to raise eyebrows, so I don’t like bitching titles like these, because there aren’t too many in South Africa. Definitely not with a South African flavour.

I didn’t want to say something about the first 2 covers with the over-photoshopped-covers, but Playboy South Africa has taken it a bit too far with their latest and third cover with SuperSport and (former) 94.7 Highveld Stereo presenter Crystal Arnold on the cover.

I don’t watch SuperSport, and I’m based in Cape Town, so I couldn’t listen to 94.7 Highveld Stereo, so I’m not too familiar with who Crystal is, so the first thing I thought, was, “who is the new white kid on the block?”.

Boy was I wrong.

After searching to see who she is, I stumbled across the pictures below. In the 2nd picture she is much lighter than in the 1st picture, but still… don’t you agree with me that they made her too white?

I’ve asked @Crystal_Arnold on twitter for a quote on how she feels about the cover. She replied by only saying “It’s called good lighting…”.

The guys from Playboy South Africa also replied to a comment of mine on Facebook:

Thanks for your comments, and no, you won’t get into trouble 😉 As a media expert you aware, as is everyone else that photoshop does exsist, but we can tell you it was used ever so slightly and Crystal Arnold was beyond excited with her pics before they were sent to print and excited too about the result 😀
We personally think she looks AMAZING and are extremely happy that she has graced our cover… We know you are too ;D

Here’s an update with other articles that picked up on this after I blogged about it. Pitty that not all of them quote the original source. *couch couch*:

iAfrica Entertainment:

IOL Sport:


The Times /

Update 26 May: The Times phoned me yesterday (25 May) to ask for a quote. For the complete article, click on the link above.

Zoopy video:

All photo’s from her website.

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