Peter Piegl’s last issue of Playboy looks like a stunner…

Ex-editor of Playboy South Africa just tweeted (17:30) the cover of his last issue, July 2011, via Twitter. Piegl can be followed at @Piegl and the Twitpic can be viewed here.

Piegl decided to leave Playboy magazine because he didn’t agree with the direction the publishers wanted to take the magazine, and where they wanted to start distributing it (i.e. Adult World).

As far as I know, a new editor hasn’t been appointed yet.

I think the July cover is an awesome cover and a great issue for Piegl to leave behind with.

Playboy South Africa

  • Issue: July 2011
  • On the cover: Natalie Simmonds
  • Price: R45
  • Twitter: @PlayboyMagSA
  • Editor on Twitter: @Piegl

Side note:

On 23 May, when Playboy South Africa announced that SuperSport presenter Crystal Arnold was on their June-cover, I caused a bit of controversy when I pointed out that I thought they made a few shades lighter. The end result/answer was that it was due to lighting. The story was picked up by a few newspapers and radio stations. You can read the article here, and at the bottom you’ll find some mentions in other media.

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