Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue, November 2011


For all the years that I can remember, the Swimwear Issue of Sports Illustrated was incorporated in the main body of the magazine, making it a bumper issue and a must-have for any young male teenager who worships this like it’s porn.

I can remember my friends in boarding school rushing out to buy it, and lusting after every picture for days after days, and horrible creased page after page.

But for the first time, it’s a standalone title (if it’s counting towards ABC’s, I’m not sure) that came out on 5 October. The real November issue of Sports Illustrated will be on shelf 17 October

This is definitely a trend in magazines where you see what your best attribute(s) is/are, and then create a brand extention.

I think it might just work… 116 pages of pure beauty (even the 28 ad pages that look like advertorials)

Cheers, to lots of tits and ass covered in beautiful swimwear! (Pitty there aren’t any speedo’s…)

Sports Illustrated, Swimwear Issue

Here’s the full press release:

Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition 2011

Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimwear Edition breaks new ground in 2011 with its debut as a standalone magazine dedicated solely to the hottest Swimwear models and the very latest in summer beach fashion. Now in its 15th year, Sports Illustrated’s Swimwear Edition is one of the most-anticipated magazine releases of the year.

Not only does the publication feature the world’s sexiest models, it also gives new young models the opportunity to make a name for themselves – like this year’s Sports Illustrated’s New Model Search winner Chiara Moreira. Headline acts in the 2011 Swimwear Edition include well-known lingerie model Tracy McGregor, Michelle
Oosthuizen, and cover girl Genevieve Morton, who has previously appeared in the US Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, shot exclusively on location in the Seychelles, hits the newsstands on 5 October and retails for R39.95. It is also available digitally via Zinio.

The Swimwear 2011 party will take place on 15 October at The Fez in Cape Town.

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