Annual title (restaurant Bible) Eat Out 2012

I refer to the annual magazine Eat Out as my Restaurant Bible (no offence intended to Christians); when ever I want to have breakfast on a Saturday morning and can’t think where, I refer to Eat Out. If I want to have a quick bite to eat on a Wednesday night, I refer to Eat Out. If I want to spend R500 per person at a “fine dining” restaurant, I refer to Eat Out…

I didn’t crack an invite to their annual Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Award, but I did end up getting my hands on the new issue; Eat Out 2012.

The first thing I do is to read all the info about the winners, and to see where I haven’t eaten yet, and make a mental note (and budget) of where to go to next…

It’s once again a thick issue, with 240 pages. I actually count the ad pages as part of editorial, because it’s just as relevant.

In total, it’s a great issue, and I just know that I’ll be using this issue more than a dozen times in Twenty-Dozen/2012, but there were a few elements that bothered me a bit, but that’s probably something that just bothers me.

Here’s my rundown of what cought my eye and what’s worths mentioning;

I have massive respect for a company if they can adapt an ad campaign to fit into a specialist magazine like Eat Out. Well done to ens.

I’m loving the openers for each region. Each one is different in colour and objects. Fits in perfectly with the cover.

Easy to read and navigate details about the restaurants. Loving the input from the Eat Out website readers…

Here’s the list of winners.

Luke Dale-Roberts won Chef of the Year, and his restaurant The Test Kitchen came in 2nd place. I’ll have to save up a bit, but The Test Kitchen is definitely on my Bucket-List-of-Restaurants for 2012.

The Roundhouse won the Service Excellence Awards. When Winter comes around again in 2012, I’ll be making use of their Winter specials.

This was curve-ball for me; The Greenhouse in Constantia won Restaurant of the Year. The reason why it’s a curve-ball, is because I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this restaurant before! After playing around on their website, it looks like a worthy winner. Of couse, the test is in the pudding, so guess where I’m am going early next year…

I can’t wait to start feasting next year! 

Eat Out 2012

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