Marie Claire, March 2012 (Naked Issue)

Marie Claire


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It’s that time of the year again; Marie Claire Naked Issue time.

Every year, with their March issue, Marie Claire ropes in various South African personalities, ranging from singers, to actor, sports people, even to bloggers (not me, of course).

Every year, they support a good cause. This year, the support goes to The Burn Foundation of South Africa (@SA_Burns_F), and after reading the stats, a very worthy foundation to get this kind of exposure.

On the cover is a very controversial Jack Parow, and his beautiful partner Jenna Pietersen (and soon to be mother of their child). Many people, including myself, was like “WTF?” when we saw that Jack Parow, of all people, on the cover for this Collector’s Issue. And half-naked.  Luckily they trimmed his beard, and hid his bear belly strategically. Phew.

Even though I might not agree with their choice, I do think that Jenna makes a beautiful cover model, and it’s also an ingenious PR move to place Jack on the cover… when it was announced, I didn’t see any newspaper or blog, or entertainment website, that didn’t cover it. It’s all for sales in the end, and getting the message and the foundation out there, so congrats to them.

If I have to crit it a little bit, I would say that the whole campaign/shoot lacks a bit of personality and fun. It’s all very serious. Not many smiles or laughter in the pictures.

The most disappointing shoot/picture, is definitely that of the Locnville brothers. I expected a lot more when I heard they were also casted, and as an opening image, I don’t think it was strong enough. Personal, once again. I know that two brothers can’t really stand too close to each other without it looking gay, but this image just didn’t do it for me.

Also featured in this special issue;

Pictured above: (Left) Bloggers Sean Stack from, Samantha Laura Kaye from and Dylan Savage from Please note the strategically placed lighting on Samantha’s nipples. For the uncensored pic, you have to buy the issue. Dylan Savage seems to be the It-Blogger at the moment. He was also a nominee in the Cosmo Sexiest Man Competition. (Right) Trevor Gumbi, David Levinsohn and Joey Rasdien.

Pictured above are the members from Shadowclub; Louis Roux, Jacques Moolman and Isaac Klawansky. Piece of advice; trim

At last, a bit of humour, and people having fun; The guys from Lonehill Estate, Nathan Ro, Mark van den Berg and David Waugh.

One of my favourite pictures; Francois Hougaard. This guy must be paying his publicist a pretty penny, because he is everywhere now! Be on the look out for him on not 1, but 2 covers for the month of March; Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. And once again, in each picture he looks different… Maybe I need to watch Rugby more…

Also in my Top 3 pictures; Jacques Terre’Blanche and Charné Terre’Blanche. They are one of the most beautiful couples, and this really captures their love and what kind of people they are.

And last, and definitely the guys with the most; Gregg Hammond. He won the Cosmopolitan Sexist Man competition in 2011, and is really starting to make a name for himself in South Africa…

Overall; great job Marie Claire! Great initiative! Great pictures! Next year, a bit more smiles and fun wouldn’t be too bad ☺. 

About the Southern African Burn Foundation:

The Burn Foundation Southern Africa ( is a national Public Benefit organisation providing support for burn prevention and burn survivor rehabilitation. Through its affiliations with the International Regions of the Burn Foundation and other burn related support and awareness organisations, the Burn Foundation Southern Africa aims to develop programmes for prevention and assist those who have suffered a severe burn trauma in their recovery. Burns are one of the leading causes of accidental death and injury to young children in Southern Africa.

To follow the Burn Foundation Southern Africa on Twitter: @SA_Burns_F


Here’s a behind-the-scenes video

And the behind-the-scenes video featuring Jack Parrow and Jenna Pietersen

And Kim Schulze and Mike Sharman’s behind-the-scenes video

The latest ABC’s for 2011 Quarter 4 has been announced. Here are a few interesting facts relating to this publication:

  • 2010, Quarter 4: 43 725
  • 2011, Quarter 4: 37 439
  • 16,8% decline in circulation
  • A small decline is contributed to their Single Copy Sales that are down 2 972, as it’s currently recorded at 28 292. The biggest contribution is due to their “Third Party Bulk Sales” that went from 8 353 down to 3 010…

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