Men’s Health, March 2012

Why are you wearing the shirt, Francois…? Not very Men’s Health… We want to see the pecs…!

On another note… Francois Hougaard is on the cover of 2 main men’s magazines, both for the month of March 2012. This was apparently planned, and all editors was aware that this was going to happen… Interesting move…
Either Men’s Health photoshopped his tattoo a bit darker, or these pictures were taken at different stages of the tattoo.
It’s also interesting to note how different Francois looks in both these covers. I keep looking and looking, and the main thing that makes me KNOW it Francois, is the new tattoo…

The latest ABC’s for 2011 Quarter 4 has been announced. Here are a few interesting facts relating to this publication:

  • 2010, Quarter 4: 67 948
  • 2011, Quarter 4: 66 828
  • A minimal 1,7% decline.
  • It’s interesting to note that they currently have 13 736 subscribers which is really fantastic! But this is the only place their decline is coming from; they used to have 15 341 subscribers.
  • Competitors: GQ – 30 036.

Men’s Health

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