Sports Illustrated, March 2012

This is interesting… Francois Hougaard is on the cover of 2 main men’s magazines, both for the month of March 2012, and apparently it was all planned by the editors…
I hope he got his Tattoo for free, because after all the exposure his arm is getting, I’m sure LOADS of guys are going to ask to get a “Hougaard-Tattoo”.
On another note, you might have noticed the Sports Illustrated covers have been a bit here, and then there. All over the place, and trying to get a style that works. I think their March 2012 issue/cover is the best so far, and they need to stick to this recipe. Below are a few examples of how their covers have been completely different the past few months.
It included girls, guys that try to look very mean, sports action shots, and covers with creative designs. I’m holding thumbs that they’ll stick with one look for a few issues at least. This current look.

The latest ABC’s for 2011 Quarter 4 has been announced. Here are a few interesting facts relating to this publication:

  • 2010, Quarter 4: 28 728
  • 2011, Quarter 4: 19 416
  • 48% decline with 9 312 less copies. 
  • The drop in circulation can mostly be attributed to the decline in copy sales; from 18 244, down to 12 046. The fact that their “Third Party Bulk Sales” are down from 3 572, down to 1 050, doesn’t really help.
  • This is the first report with new editor Ami Kapilevich in charge. You might recall that they didn’t have the “Swimwear” issue with the main magazine this year, but rather as a stand alone title. They were of course not able to claim the numbers for the stand alone, and the increased circulation the Swimwear issue always brought with the November issue, wasn’t there… I doubt they’ll be doing the same thing in 2012…
  • Competitors; SA Rugby – 20 349.

Sports Illustrated

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