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I haven’t seen or felt the ‘new look’ Heat yet (I was out of the country, and waiting for the new issue on Friday rather), so I can’t comment on the whole magazine, or what the paper is like. But the feedback I’m reading and hearing about it is not too good, and mostly about the paper quality… When Heat started, they had the tagline “SA’s only weekly glossy” (or something like that). This was a direct stab at People magazine who is/was far from being a glossy.

Heat went as far as to tweet the following on Wednesday 11 April 2012;
I went and looked for a few tweets with feedback regarding the paper, and found the following;
That being said, there’s also some positive and great feedback out there about the new layout (and no mention of the paper)…
This is very interesting, because it seems like a lot of people are rather after the QUALITY of the NEWS and the way it’s packaged, than the QUALITY of the PAPER. They would rather save R8 and still get the news, than pay R8 for the luxury of better paper.
But this will definitely not be the case for all Glossy Magazines… Take SARIE or Marie Claire as an example; I’m sure that if they made the magazine R10 cheaper, and printed on “newspaper”, every single reader will be outraged…!
The thing with heat is that it’s a weekly, and not a monthly that people necessarily keep on their coffee table for months and months. It’s not the same. So some publications fit better to have cheaper paper, but it’s important to still present the news and information in a beautiful and engaging way, and I’m sure that Heat will never loose this. I think they should give it some time before they change the paper, just for the sake of a few complaints. Readers get use to it after a while, and if I can save R416 a year because of the cheaper price, I’m a happy boy…
Here’s the radio ad that Heat produced, with Nonhle Thema, to announce the cheaper cover price:

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