NewsNow / NuusNou, 23 August 2012

After last weeks strong NewsNow Olympic-related-cover, this one is another great one. It tells a great story of what Caster Semenya had to go through, and that it’s great what she achieved amongst it all. Now for the road to Rio 2016 Olympics. On a side note: Do you remember the YOU cover of 19 September when they gave her a make-over? I’ve got a reminder for you.

NewsNow / NuusNou

  • Issue: 23 August 2012
  • On the cover: Caster Semenya
  • Price: R15
  • Twitter: @NewsNowMag
  • Editor on Twitter: @CharleneRolls

YOU, 19 September 2009, when YOU magazine gave Caster Semenya a make-over of note. Unfortunately it wasn’t received too well by the International public (and South African public) if I remember correctly.

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