Huisgenoot, 4 October 2012

“Oop kaarte, met die deur in die huis, al is dit ook hoe onaangenaam. Huisgenoot kos van nou af R18. ‘n Rand duurder as verlede week”. The announcement every editor dreads to make. With the latest issue, with Angelique Gerber and her husband Ben-G on the cover, Huisgenoot readers will now unfortunately pay R1 more than previously. But unfortunately this isn’t the first price increase in a long time; End 2010, the cover price was still R14.95, and around April 2011 it increased to R15.95. And a few months later (not sure at what stage), it increased to a further R16.95. I’m sure there will be backlash from cash-strapped readers, but I’m sure the die-hard Huisgenoot fans will always buy their best ‘house friend’.


  • Issue: 4 October 2012
  • On the cover: Angelique Gerber and Ben-G
  • Price: R16.95 R18
  • Twitter: @Huisgenoot

On the cover of Huisgenoot (1 December 2011), Angelique and Ben-G showed Huisgenoot-readers their wedding pictures.

…And with the May 2012 issue of rooi rose, readers got to see their honeymoon pictures.

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