Playboy South Africa, November 2012

VIEW THE FULL COVER BEFORE YOU JUDGE! Shock Value definitely works, and the new Playboy South Africa cover (only out next week, but you get to see it first on MediaSlut!) is definitely that and more! Beautifully executed, and as Charl du Plessis (Editor) told me correctly, it’s actually the most “conservative Playboy cover yet”… when you have all the facts. “The idea behind cover is to make fun of SA’s misconceptions about Playboy and the prejudice we experience. Confronted with the cover while harbouring misconception or acting prejudicially, you will infer only one thing from this cover. If, however, one cares about first investigating things up close before jumping to ill-informed conclusions, you may see something else”, says Charl exclusively to MediaSlut.

I think it’s a great cover, and worth a discussion. You can leave a comment below to voice your opinion on whether you think the cover is ‘lip-lek-lekker’, or ‘lust-louzy’…

Playboy South Africa

  • Issue: November 2012
  • On the cover: Beautiful pink lips worth kissing. That’s it.
  • Price: R39,95
  • Twitter: @PlayboyMagSA

After doing some research, I found the following covers that have the same vibe going, but out of all of them, I prefer the Playboy South African version;

It seems like South Africa wasn’t the first Playboy to go this route, but that they rather got the inspiration from the June 2011 issue of Playboy Netherlands.

A 2010 cover of HUMO magazine…

Folio went the ‘eye’ route…

(Covers with similar vibe found on CoverJunkie, and can be viewed here.)

8 thoughts on “Playboy South Africa, November 2012

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  7. For centuries hacks have used shock value to make up for no talent. Soon, they will have a real vagina on the cover. What will be left?—Sage

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