FHM South Africa, June 2013

FHM 6 June 2013

Local babe Simone de Kock is on the June 2013 cover of FHM South Africa. The last you might have spotted her, or remember her from, was the August 2012 issue of Sports Illustrated South Africa. And if you don’t know yet, Sports Illustrated South Africa has closed

But back to Simone de Kock; it seems like she’s making quite a name for herself if she’s already been on two South African covers! And speaking of ‘de Kock’, don’t you just love the coverline “Do you Sprinkle when you Tickle?” Ha ha. Looking forward to read “what (my) bathroom habits say about (me)”!

And if you’re interested to know how FHM is doing with their ABC results, you can read all of that, and more, right here

FHM South Africa

  • Issue: June 2013
  • On the cover: Simone de Kock
  • Price: R39
  • http://www.fhm.co.za
  • Twitter: @FHMSouthAfrica
  • Editor on Twitter: Brendan Cooper

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