Men’s Health South Africa, July 2013

Mens Health 7 July 2013

Mens Health 7 July 2013 bag

The bag that the main magazine comes in.

The Men’s Health Sex Issue (July 2013) is big. Big in size, big on copy sales and big on information. Big on everything, basically.

But there’s one thing that I just had to question, after reading the July 2013 issue; on the cover, it promises states 2 913 x-rated confessions. As a reader, I thought I’m going to be bombarded with hot and sweat x-rated confessions received from their readers. 2 913 of them. Almost like the confessions that are currently all over the place on those University Facebook groups.

But in stead you will only find some of the below statistics (you’ll notice that the pages are too small to actually read, so you’ll have to get this issue if you want to read more);

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.46.18 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.46.27 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.46.37 AM

So what does the “2 913 X-rated confessions” refer to? Definitely not the number of results released (I counted), and it also doesn’t refer to any other elements/articles else wear in the July 2013 issue (I asked).

I asked the editor Jason Brown where they got the number 2 913 from, because I was expecting something a little bit different in this issue after reading that cover line…

His response:

2913 Confessions relates to the over 2900 respondents to the survey across both MH & WH, which we used to extract the advice, tips and stats. Obviously we could only publish the key finding and and notable results, but it was amazing that we got so many candid responses across the brands – it’s over double what we received last year and promoting it emphasizes the authority of the survey.

So the 2 913 refers to the number of actual respondents/readers that took part in the questionnaire. And not in anyway to the number of juicy x-rated confessions/quotes you might have also thought you might read about.

And if you’re also confused as to why the press release (below) then stated “Over 3000 readers came clean on their sexual behaviours, fantasies, fetishes and some rather interesting trends”, it’s just an error. Over 3000 readers probably sounds better to a PR agency that the actual number which is “more than 2 900 readers”… Just putting it out there.

It’s a great issue non the less, but they really can go a bit more risky and x-rated in the “confessions” (read stats)… 🙂

And if the cover guy Mias might look familiar to you, he was also on the May 2012 cover of Men’s Health South Africa.

Men's Health South Africa, May 2012

Men’s Health South Africa, May 2012

Men’s Health South Africa

  • Issue: July 2013
  • On the cover: Mias van der Westhuizen and Chelsea le Roux
  • Price: R40
  • Twitter: @MensHealthZA

Below is the official press release with more information:


The annual Men’s Health and Women’s Health sex survey results are in and it’s time to share South Africans’ latest bedroom secrets and wildest fantasies. The survey is in its fourth year running and is as revealing as ever. So what were the results? No surprises that South Africans have sex on the brain! Over 3000 readers came clean on their sexual behaviours, fantasies, fetishes and some rather interesting trends.

Women’s Health editor, Kate Wilson, comments, “Our results show that women are kinkier than ever and not afraid to experiment in the bedroom.” Has the fascination with erotic literature played a role?

Some scintillating revelations from the Men’s and Women’s Health 2013 survey:

  • Cheating is rife! Out of the WH respondents, 30% said they had cheated on a partner and 43% said they’d have sex with a married man. 35% of women who cheated also said they had done it at home
  • The bare truth – When it comes to their ‘lady gardens’ 46% of respondents said they are shaved completely and interestingly 21% of men said the same
  • Women don’t like oral sex? It appears men like performing oral sex more than woman like receiving it – 59% of men said they enjoyed performing oral sex, whereas only 13% of women said it was most likely to lead to orgasm
  • Women are more likely to have sex with a married man than have sex whilst on her period – 57% said no to sex with a married man whilst 71% said no to sex whilst on her period!
  • Masturbation shocker! 37% of women said they masturbate once or twice a week, compared with only 29% of men
  • Best sex positions? Women still rate the “cowboy” as their favourite positions (woman on top), whilst men’s favourite position went to “missionary with legs up”
  • Get out the wooden spoon – a whopping 45% of female respondents admitted they like being spanked
  • Surprisingly South Africa’s kinkiest city went to Upington – with 60% of respondents who said they had used handcuffs and 30% who had been tied up
  • East London got mixed reviews – whilst men rated themselves as having the most sex, they also had the highest rates of masturbation, and the most dissatisfaction according to women who said that 60% of them faked orgasms and 48% who said their partners rushed  too much
  • Bloemfontein were rated as the “hardest working” city with the highest percentage of sex in the office place, whilst Pretoria had the most sex in cars

Read more in the July Sex Issue of Men’s Health and Women’s Health


Jason Brown adds: “This year’s amazing sex issue is hotter, sexier and packed with more insider tips and advice than ever. If you’re looking to upgrade your score between the sheets, consider this your go-to guide.”

X-rated Sex Confessions (p129) – the MH sex survey reveals her deepest, darkest (and hottest) sex secrets.

Seduce Her in 60 Seconds (p137) – Let winter be your hottest scoring season! From grooming tips to entertaining advice, seductive food and sexy movies, sexiest adventures and the best cocktail to turn up the heat, this is your Winter Sex Guide.

Horizontal Fitness! (p146) – The 17 best sex moves she’s never heard of… sex positions that maximize her pleasure and give you a tough full-body workout!

Dress for More Sex (p153) – Let rocker Farryl Purkiss show you how to seduce her with some remastered classic looks.

Orgasm Expert (p162) – Where it comes from, where it takes her and how you can send her there more often.

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