Business Day Sport Monthly, August 2013

BDSM 8 August 2013

Really a beautiful Sports cover, with a great collage and main picture of Nelson Mandela. “Magic of Madiba – What he brought to a nation”. This definitely joins the ranks of all the other stunning Nelson Mandela covers that have been published in the past month…


Business Day Sport Monthly

  • Issue: August 2013
  • On the Cover: Nelson Mandela
  • Price: R29.95 (free in Business Day newspaper on Friday 19 July)
  • Twitter: @BDSportmag
  • Editor on Twitter: @GaryLemke

2 thoughts on “Business Day Sport Monthly, August 2013

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  2. To
    The Editor
    Business Day Sports Monthly Magazine
    Gary Lemke

    RE:The Magic of Sports struggles without the “Madiba’s”
    The August 2013 feature ‘Magic of Madiba’ provided a pleasant nostalgic experience that rekindled a sense of national pride. We are reminded how powerful the effect of sports and Madiba’s influence had on our nation, that was showing symptoms of antagonism and despair. South Africans will never forget “that golden period of 1995 and 1996…where Madiba Magic was sprinkled everywhere” (BDSM August 2013 ‘Magic of Madiba’, Gary Lemke) – the Springboks won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The country, a fledgling democracy, with fresh wounds from the deep division amongst races, barely a year old. We put aside our differences and celebrated in unity as soon as the ball left Joel Stransky’s boot. Antagonism and despair was replaced with joy and hope!
    As Madiba spends another month in hospital, the nation stands at his bedside looking on and feeling helpless as we gradually start accepting what’s inevitable – the ‘Magic of Madiba’ will come to an end. However there are those who continue to perform magic on a daily basis across our nation – using the power of sports through development initiatives and programmes following the principles of Ubuntu. Madiba as the first democratically elected President enshrined this principle in our country. Sports development programmes are driven by individuals who are passionate about the game and often sacrifice their time and money from own pocket to ensure that the underprivileged are given an opportunity. For many youth the experience of being part of a sports development programme is the closest thing to be part a family they have. The true champions of this country are found amongst the dedicated individuals who are the pillars of sports development. Unfortunately few sports development initiatives succeed in becoming sports development programmes because there just isn’t enough resources/money – SA rands with Madiba’s image.
    Madiba is well known for spreading his magic by improving the lives of those that desperately need welfare. When everyone wanted a piece of Madiba and be associated with him, he ‘used’ the wealthy and powerful to help those in despair. The founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson and CEO of Siemens are just a couple of examples. Madiba will always be remembered for this – his deep commitment to humanity. If we choose to just remember his efforts, whilst peering helplessly from his hospital bedside – then we contribute to closing the curtain on his magic! Let’s rather take a lesson from his acts humanity. Let’s help out those who are keeping the magic alive in the spirit of Ubuntu, through sports development programmes despite the odds stacked against them. We can achieve this by finding a development programme in our area and support them with ‘Madiba’s’ (rands) out of our pockets.
    If Madiba could speak to us from his hospital bed – would he condone our helpless peering down at him? Few will doubt that Madiba would prefer that we go out there and get involved with positive initiatives that promotes respect for each other and support to those in need. We can only affirm our humanity when we affirm the humanity of others – that’s Ubuntu! Its the best gift we give to Madiba now. Lets help spread the Magic of Sports with our own Madiba’s

    Kamal Khadua

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