FHM South Africa, November 2013

FHM 11 November 2013

Quietly, very quietly, FHM editor Brendan Cooper has left the building, with Louis Raubenheimer stepping in as “Acting Editor”. Why Brendan left, I’m not sure… I went back to look in the October 2013 issue of FHM if he might have said goodbye in his ed’s letter, but there was nothing. And no mention in this issue. You can read Louis’ letter below.

When he left as editor of Sports Illustrated, he wrote his last ed’s letter in their July 2011 issue, and was able to say goodbye.

He later joined FHM as editor (again) after replacing then-editor Hagen Engler who “resigned” with immediate effect.

One of the biggest FHM-scandals happened recently while Brendan was the editor, but that being said, the scandal had nothing to do with FHM or Brendan, so it shouldn’t reflect badly on them at all… so I hope that the Maxim Barashenkov and Montle Moorosi Facebook-Rape-Joke-Thing wasn’t part of his decision/reason to leave…

Good luck to Brendan in all his new ventures, and to the whole FHM-team that has had quite a year so far… Christmas is around the corner :-).

FHM eds letter

FHM South Africa

  • Issue: November 2013
  • On the cover: Ann-Kathrin Brömmel
  • Price: R39
  • http://www.fhm.co.za
  • Twitter: @FHMSouthAfrica
  • Editor on Twitter: @CoopsterB @LouRaubenehime

5 thoughts on “FHM South Africa, November 2013

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  2. Hi there

    The reason left FHM was that I was offered an awesome job at New Media as their head of content across numerous brands. I’ve always wanted to work for NM so the opportunity was not one to be missed. The reason I didn’t say goodbye in the eds letter is that I don’t really believe that readers care who the editor is. The magazine has had many eds, and Louis is the guy to take it forward. No one cares that I left!


    • Thanks for the reply, Brendan.

      The point of the post wasn’t to offend anyone. And I meant what I said that you and FHM deserved no flack for what happened (if flack was indeed received), but I’m happy to hear that you’re saying that this wasn’t the reason. Good luck in your new position.

      Please also note that I’ve tried to contact you via Twitter before I posted this article, to get feedback.

      I personally also think some people care who the editor is, and sometimes industry people also need to know what’s going on. I care that you left!


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