Grazia South Africa, 30 October 2013

Grazia 5.2 30 October 2013

I first wanted to say something about the Wakaberry-plug on the cover of this weeks Grazia South Africa, as I thought it was for a free Wakaberry, but it ends up it’s only for a measly 20% discount… What’s that? Like a R3 or R4 discount? So I decided not to say anything. Oops! Seems like I just did…

Ps. As a digital subscriber, if  I print out the page (because that is the only way I can ‘claim’ my little voucher) I wonder if they will accept it? I’m sure the answer will be “no”, as they will think I made copies. Grazia, I suggest you guys check up on this… As I might just check this theory.

And if it won’t work, then magazines should really start thinking long and hard about what is offered/promised to print and digital subscribers, but in essence, digital readers don’t really get the same ‘value’ if I can call it that. Not that I’ll be crying about R4, but I’m just saying. It’s worth investigating.

Here’s another example of how something in print, didn’t really work very well in digital.

Grazia South Africa

  • Issue: 30 October 2013
  • On the Cover: Katie Holmes
  • Price: R18
  • Twitter: @GraziaSAmag
  • Editor on Twitter: @DanielleGRAZIA

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