SA Rugby, November 2013 + SA Swimsuit 2013 Issue!

SA Rugby 11 November 2013

Ladies, but mostly Gentlemen (who will in turn BUY the swimsuits for your ladies), I present to you the new South African Swimsuit edition, which is FREE with the November issue of SA Rugby (above) and the November / December issue of SA Cricket! Great value for only R29.90! In this post you will see some pictures of the launch party held at Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town, and a selection of YouTube video’s of some of the beauties.

SA Swimsuit 2013

You might recall that previously, Sports Illustrated South Africa always had the annual SwimWEAR issues (you can view the 2011 and 2012 issues by clicking on the links). But since Sports Illustrated South Africa had their last issue in February 2013, NetSport (who produces it) teamed up with SA Rugby and SA Cricket, which is also a great fit!

So remember to look out for the SA Rugby and SA Cricket issues to get your FREE and brand newly named, SA Swimsuit issue!

Or visit these platforms to view more;

The cover model

Genevieve Morton is the lucky model that received the honour of appearing on the cover of SA Swimsuit. A very coveted position and title for any model. But looking at her previous covers, you’ll notice that she also appeared on the 2011 Swimwear issue (while it was still under Sports Illustrated, and when they made the mistake of not making it a stand-alone title…). I’ve heard some mumblings that industry people aren’t too happy with this, as they feel she’s already had her cover, and that there were numerous other models and shots that could have also made the new cover…

Sports Illustrated 13 November 2011 Swimwear Issue

But Genevieve was also in a completely different ‘scandal’ overseas, that not many South Africans even know about. She participated in the International Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue earlier this year, and all of the models took part in a Harlem Shake-video… All but Genevieve and another South African model who didn’t do it justice according to fans…

It had such a big uproar, that they had to apologize to fans and Sports Illustrated readers, and this was their way of saying sorry, and giving their reasons…

The Launch Party

The launch party was at The Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town, even though there were quite a few elements missing (that might have someone wondering why they are at the party again…), all and all the people were beautiful, the venue stunning, and the booze amazing! Below are a few pictures of my experience at the launch of the new SA Swimsuit issue…

photo 1 photo 1[1] photo 2 photo 2[1] photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo photo[1]

The magazine

Just a few minutes after the 164 page magazine was launched on the evening, I posted this little 6 second teaser video to show fans what they can possibly expect! For the rest you’ll have to buy SA Rugby or SA Cricket, or watch some of the video’s below…

The (brilliant) videos

Here are a few of the brilliant (and oh-so-sexy) video’s to tantalize your hormones (and urge to buy this issue) a bit…

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