MagLove: Who’s the Ice Queen on the Russian cover of Interview?

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My choice of the best international and local magazine covers in MagLovethis week:

  • Interview Russia
  • Pacific Standard (Money issue)
  • Panorama
  • The Big Issue
  • Destiny MAN

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Interview (Russia), November 2013

Interview (Russia), November 2013

Who’s the Ice Queen on the Russian cover of Interview? Courtney Love!

I’m not too sure what the story behind the cover is, but compared to how Courtney looks in the news recently, she looks great (and I’m sure a bit photoshopped) on this cover. I think it’s a great photograph, with great detail, and I really like it!

Pacific Standard, November/December 2013

Pacific Standard, November/December 2013

In South Africa we might not know him, but it seems and sounds like Dave Ramsey is “America’s most important personal finance guru”.

I’ve looked at his real picture and, when compared, this is actually a great interpretation of him, done really well — everything and more is said in celebration of its Money Issue,  just through the use of this picture.

Panorama, 23 October 2013

Panorama, 23 October 2013

So much raw emotion, and something one doesn’t see to often on covers… When translated, the cover line reads “Hands off my pension!”, and knowing this, I think, puts the cover into much more of a context, and gives it so much more emotion.

What with South Africa’s own (Transnet) pension for drama, this is something that would hit very close to home if a magazine such as FinWeek did something similar…

The Big Issue, 21 October 2013

The Big Issue, 21 October 2013

I tried to investigate the actual story as this cover just drew me in and made me want to know more but, unfortunately, because it’s a new issue, the complete article isn’t uploaded yet.

The cover concept, however, is very strong and bold (with a very strong message) and, for the people that it affects/affected, I’m sure it touches even more.


Destiny MAN, November/December 2013

Destiny MAN, November/December 2013

For its November/December 2013 issue, the Destiny MAN team took a massive leap from its normal recipe for covers, and I like it. A lot!

I’m not sure if this will be something to look forward to in the future but, for now, I’m enjoying the mood, attitude, typography, design and just everything. DJ Black Coffee features on the cover as the mag investigates “The Business of House [music]” — hence the circular design.

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