Huisgenoot, 14 November 2013

Huisgenoot 5.4 14 November 2013

One of South Africa’s news stories that has had it’s fair share of front page stories on our daily newspapers, has found it’s way to Huisgenoot’s cover this week. Previously, Don Steenkamp just had a small insert on the cover of 26 April 2012 (see below). I find it interesting that the newspapers aren’t allowed to publish his face (because he’s a minor), but that magazines are allowed to…

Huisgenoot 2.6 26 April 2012


2 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 14 November 2013

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  2. Then who did then???????? I trust that justice will prevail, May big name lawyers and the loads of money spent on them not get the guilty one off the hook!!!!

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