South African magazine industry getting ready for 2013 MPASA PICA Awards

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South African magazine industry getting ready for 2013 MPASA PICA Awards

The Who’s who and the crème de la crème of the South African magazine industry is getting ready for one of the annual highlights on the calendar, with the “Oscars” of SA magazine publishing taking placetomorrow night [Thursday, 14 November 2013]. The MPASA PICA Awards, once again hosted at the Emperors Palace Hotel Casino Convention Resort, recognise individuals and companies in the magazine industry that deliver publishing and editorial excellence, and display excellent teamwork.

As the main sponsor of the event, Stephen van der Walt (CEO of Paarl Media) explains why the awards are so important: “The PICA Awards recognise excellence in the magazine industry, which motivates advancements and drives development within the industry. We at Paarl Media are proud to be a part of the driving force behind this excellence.”

Van der Walt says that the focus of the awards on motivating and inspiring the future writers and publishers of the magazine industry is what ultimately separates it from others, stating “the passion with which the organisers approach this task and the end result of the effort put in by all speaks volumes about their commitment”.

Commenting on the 2013 PICA Awards, Van der Walt says that the judges were looking for fresh new ideas, which “provoke thought, inspire readers and challenge the industry”.

In conclusion, Van der Walt says: “The drive to recognise and achieve excellence is mirrored in the ethos of the awards and the value system within Paarl Media. We believe in recognising achievement to inspire others and see this as a characteristic shared by the PICA Awards.”

Melony Boucher, PICA Project Manager, comments about this year’s MPASA PICA Awards: “In all my years of being part of the PICA Awards, what struck me the most about this year’s entries were the quality. It was very evident that they were all well thought through. This is truly going to be a remarkable event this year, as competition was stiff, but those who receive top honours thoroughly deserve the accolades.”

For the first time in the history of the MPASA PICA Awards, interested parties are able to download the PICA Winners Showcase enriched magazine (go to your app store, search for “PICA Awards” and download to your tablet). The magazine will not only showcase the award winners, but also all the latest news of the PICA Awards.

For more information about this year’s MPASA PICA Awards, visit and click on the PICA 2013 banner. For the latest updates, follow @mpasamags on Twitter.

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