Huisgenoot, 21 November 2013

Huisgenoot 5.5 21 November 2013

Ivan Botha and Donnalee Roberts, who is now rumored to be ‘more than friends’, and the reason behind Donnalee’s divorce with her husband Gerber Strydom, appeared together on the 24 May 2012 cover of Huisgenoot (see below). Seeing them around at functions (months ago already), I actually thought they’ve been dating for a while… But to be honest, my gut is telling me that they’re making this ‘public’ now, just in time for some PR for their new movie “Pad na jou Hart” which starts next year… Just saying out loud what everyone else is thinking…

Huisgenoot 3.0 24 May 2012


10 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 21 November 2013

  1. If Ivan and Donnalee are together, congrats, let them judge their destiny _ i think they are superb together

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  3. Ivan Botha is soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Honestly don’t blame Donalee for falling for the guy…I think that they really are meant to be and are so perfect together

    • I totally agree with you Jacqui, because if either one of them could do that to their spouses what’s not too expected from them as a couple. Soos hulle se: Jy kan nie jou geluk op iemand anders se ongeluk bou nie, maar ons sal ma moet kyk en sien.

  4. I think Ivan and Donnalee makes a perfect couple.They made 4each other they don’t just look good on tv but in reality 2.I think they both know they made 2 be 2gether cuz everyboby seams 2 think so.And come om people who can blame poor donnalee if she has feelings 4 the guy, I mean look at him. It’s already writtin in black on white that they belong 2gether.That’s what I think and if they feel they can’t be 2gether thet sould just run away 2gether. Lot of Love from:me and my dauther Donnay its similar 2 Donnalee don’t u think.

    • O hell no lynet joseph they are not cute anelien…and pieter…it is best if they just stay friends she is cute and all…but….she and peter are not good togheter…

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