Seventeen South Africa, December 2013 (FINAL ISSUE)

Seventeen 12 December 2013

Dear teenage-magazine-fans; I present to you the last issue of many teenage girls’ favourite magazine – Seventeen South Africa! Seventeen is yet another youth title that had it’s final print run at the printers, with CLEO South Africa that had its last in February 2012

I was one the the firsts to break the news last month that their December 2013 issue will be their last, and it was received with a lot of very sad and unhappy readers! Seventeen South Africa has created great content for it’s market over the past few years – you can view some of their issues, covers and news right here in my Seveteen-Archive

Their branding their final issue as a “Special Collector’s Edition” (see cover above), and inside the editorial team give a final farewell to their readers with a heart-felt letter from editor Janine Jellars, and little memories from the rest of the team (something a lot of titles don’t get the opportunity to do…). They’ve also dedicated a page to some of their favourite pages and stories from the past few issues. From what I could see, that is unfortunately where the “farewells and goodbyes” end, as the rest of the issue carries on as ‘normal’.

Good luck to the whole team on their new ventures and positions! And on behalf of many many fans – THANK YOU!

Seventeen Eds Letter Seventeen Favourite Pages

Seventeen South Africa

5 thoughts on “Seventeen South Africa, December 2013 (FINAL ISSUE)

  1. Hey Mediaslut!
    Do you know why the stopped printing my favorite Magazine?
    I didnt get the last issue and thought they were running slow on printing or that maybe i was to slow at getting to my beloved magazine.

  2. Hi Mediaslut, thanks for your sensitive coverage of seventeen’s closure. We are going to miss this brand immensely and I think it creates a huge gap in the market. The entire team was supremely passionate about the brand and I hope it came through in the product we created.

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