MagLove: How to make a magazine in 24 hours

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My choice of the best international and local magazine covers in MagLove this week:

  • Fricote
  • New York
  • Stylist (The 24-Hour Challenge special edition)
  • Time Out London
  • My Tyd (Rapport)

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Fricote, Issue #13

Fricote #13
I know, it’s not an award-winning cover, but I wanted to include it because it summarises our new way of eating out, perfectly. Humour always works to get a message across.

New York, 18 November 2013

New York, 18 November 2013
Touchy topic. Something everyone has an opinion on. Great use of copy to promote their cover story. No conceptual images or designs. Just the raw text, in the middle of the page.

Stylist, The 24-Hour Challenge special edition, November 2013 

Stylist 24-Hour Issue, November 2013
Now here’s a nice story behind a cover where the subs couldn’t even spell ‘tired’ correctly (not really, but you know what I mean).

FORD Fiesta gave Stylist (a weekly UK title) and its staff the challenge of producing a WHOLE issue, in just 24 hours. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s an amazing story actually, especially if you’re in the publishing industry!

I would really suggest that you have a look at its “24 Hour Challenge”  micro-site, and make sure you also watch the behind-the-scenes video (for a MediaSlut like myself, it’s like watching porn…).

And, if you want to know more, read about the “masterplan” and the little “diary” to learn from these leaders…

Time Out London, 12 November 2013

Time Out London,12 November 2013
Time Out London has described my general feeling about Christmas perfectly (even though meant tongue-in-cheek).

In general, though, it’s a really strong cover, with a very punchy main cover line (“The C-Word”), and yes, Christmas has come early and is now just 33 days away… F!


My Tyd (Rapport), 17 November 2013

My Tyd 5.3 17 November 2013
To celebrate the new design and relaunch of My Tyd (a weekly glossy lifestyle read inserted into newspaper Rapport every Sunday), South Africa’s own Afrikaans heartthrob has been placed on the latest edition (out last week) in a way that many fans wouldn’t have seen before: all bare-chested and covered in blue paint and powder!

Stunning end result, and great article!

You can also view below the little behind-the-scenes video with some extra pictures [for those die-hard Bobby-fans ;-) ]:

SARIE, December 2013

SARIE, 12 December 2013
SARIE magazine — well-known for its quality editorial, brand extentions, and for turning popular female personalities into the most beautiful cover girls — has broken the mould a bit, something it doesn’t do too often, and placed a male personality on its cover.

Nataniël is a familiar face to SARIE  readers (he writes a hysterical monthly column for it), but he’s also a fresh and friendly face.

One of those covers (and personalities) that just always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially as we all start counting the days down to our holidays.

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