Huisgenoot, 12 December 2013

Huisgenoot 5.8 12 December 2013

A typical Huisgenoot-cover, like only Huisgenoot can! They take a story that has gripped a nation, a story that everyone wants to read about, and they produce a cover that makes you just want to buy the issue and ‘read all about it!’. Well done to the Huisgenoot team for pulling together such a great (even though a bit soppy with the massive red bow around Kaptein Sealy’s neck…) cover so quickly. A predict a best seller..


  • Issue: 12 December 2013
  • On the cover: John Sealy and Dunay Darren, with Kaptein Sealy who was rescued out of the Kimberley Hole
  • Price: R19
  • Twitter: @Huisgenoot

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