YOU, 23 January 2014

YOU 1.4 23 January 2014


  • Issue: 23 January 2014
  • On the cover: Leonardo DiCaprio and the shocking story about Solly Ozrovech
  • Price: R19
  • Twitter: @YouMagazine

One thought on “YOU, 23 January 2014

  1. Neither Kobus* nor Johan* would appear to have anything to gain from making these allegations. Have these two men or their families demanded financial compensation? That is the crux of the matter. It is surely an extremely painful period of their lives which they have still not been able to overcome. Only in Christ can one find true peace and learn to forgive.

    When did Solly start publishing – was it after this period of alleged molestations? Maybe it was his way of seeking, and finding absolution/God’s forgiveness, if he was indeed guilty?Being confronted SO many years later with this terrible dark secret from his past must have been a terrible shock! Denying the truth was easier than saying sorry – thereby bringing disgrace upon his entire family, PLUS mar Jesus’s Name and obliterate his life’s work as a Christian author. His whole world would literally fall apart! Surely so many years of living a good life would cancel out the sins of his youth and not be held against him? The Lord has forgiven him long ago, so why should he confess now – is this not perhaps what went through his mind? In a moment of sheer panic? What would you have done?

    God is love. God is truth. We can lie to one another, and even to ourselves, but God sees the hearts of all mankind. Only God is altogether good and able to judge. No sin is too great that He cannot forgive – only the sin of unbelief. …without faith it is impossible to please God….(Heb 11v6). OL

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