House and Leisure FOOD, 2014

House and Leisure Food 2014

On Wednesday 22 January, 30 people (incl. bloggers, food personalities, staff, sponsors and their partners) were invited by House and Leisure to celebrate the launch of their 4th annual issue of House and Leisure Food. And boy, is it a stunner!!! Just looking at the cover you can see it’s drool worthy, and very creative!

They have once again split the issue into their 4 signature sections; Easy Living, Summer, Winter Warmth and Luxury. And to take their cover-decorating further, they’re also showing more options in the magazine, and giving readers the opportunity to download 9 different designs which they can use for decorating purposes themselves.


The Launch Event

But back to the event… It was held at the Asara Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch. Some of the guests included (other than me) MasterChef SA II winner Kamini Pather, Entertainment personality and journalist Clayton Morar, KFM and Expresso presenter Elana Afrika and her husband Ian Bredenkamp who is also a KFM-presenter. Cook Book author Hein Scholtz also made it (even with a broken ankle!) and quite a few food bloggers.

When everyone RSVP’ed, we had to give our shoe-sizes, to find out when we arrived that it was for our very own Havaianas sandles which we could use for the walking-tour later the evening (as not to damage our own fancy shoes, of course).

The fab Naomi Larkin, Editor of House and Leisure for the past 5 years, welcomed everyone and told us the story behind the issue, the making of the cover, and about the different recipes and sections readers will find in the new issue.

After a short walk around the dam, and up the hill, we had a quick stop for some bubbles…

The 3-course dinner was set to happen at a long table amongst the vineyards. It was truly a beautiful setting and table, just a pity the table wasn’t on a flat surface, which meant a few glasses (of red wine) came tumbling down as the night progressed 🙂

#HLFOOD dinner amongst the vines 😉

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The Starter

Bintjie potato & salmon terrine, crisp bread, chimes blanc grapes #hlfood

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The Main

#hlfood braised lamb.seasonal veg..lamb was amazing .. Veg was very cooked

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The Dessert

After the festivities, we walked back towards Asara, only to have yet another pit stop for some coffee and dessert nibbles…

And as always, in true House and Leisure style, the evening was ended off with each guests getting a goodie bag that had to be carried with both hands due to the amount of goodies and weight!

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 3.47.29 PM

Photo credit for above picture: Greg Beadle (more pictures here)

The issue, with some truly stunning recipes and visuals, is on shelf now, or you can buy the digital version right here.

House and Leisure Food

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