Huisgenoot, 30 January 2014

Huisgenoot 1.5 30 January 2014

Last week, Huisgenoot ruffled some many feathers, and sent shock waves through South Africa and especially in the Christian community and amongst Solly Ozrovech fans… They published a front page story revealing the details of Johan* who said he was molested by Solly while he was a young boy in an orphanage.

Just reading the comments on last weeks posts, it’s very clear that many people have very different and very strong opinions on this story. Many saying that it can’t be true, and that Johan* is using a fake name to ruin an innocent man’s life and reputation. Others say that they’ve been through something similar, and can completely understand why Johan* has kept quiet for so long (more than 50 years).

I knew there would be a follow-up story this week, so if you’re following the story like I am, then you have to get the latest issue (or you can buy the digital version right now). In this weeks Huisgenoot (and YOU), Kobus* (66) has come forward to say that Solly climbed into his bed one night and penetrated him when he was only 12 or 13. It was only once, but that one time was enough to scar him for life, and for feeling ashamed his whole life, and never really talking about it.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 11.11.37 AM

13 years ago Kobus* did however tell his wife and daughter about what happened, so he decided to confront Solly in a face to face meeting (without Solly knowing what the meeting was going to be about). It must have taken loads of guts to do that, but Solly’s responce was yet again shameful… There was a bit of a backwards and forwards whether to make a case, but it’s the age old “his word against yours”, so Kobus* never took it further.

It’s once again a riviting read in this weeks Huisgenoot, and one that I know isn’t easy on any of the Huisgenoot staff working on this…

Even though it might ruin one mans life and reputation, the truth and the victims getting peace is much more important…

*Not their real names

A part of the Ed’s letter, explaining how difficult these types of articles are to publish:

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 11.25.59 AM

(The image of the article is published for illustrative purposes, and small enough for you not to be able to read it. For the full story, you’ll have to buy Huisgenoot or YOU)

Huisgenoot 1.4 23 January 2014


12 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 30 January 2014

  1. Hy is glo so siek en oud.Nes vorige veroordeeldes wat byna dood was en nou gholf speel.Dis n vieslikheid wat ek glo hy wel behoort te onthou.Te bang om die arme slagoffers en himself deur die waarheid te bevry.Maar hy preek en skryf nog?verbrand sy boeke.Ek ken daai sort gelowiges hulle verkoop tweedehandse motors met wit bybelkies op die dashboard. en dan het jy nou stront gekoop.

    • The number of clergymen who have molested everybody is legion. From every single faction of whatever religion. The hidden darkness until they’re too old to comment. I am a christian but I don’t think church in it’s formal format is what G-d intended. I never ever left my boys with a preacher or deacon or whatever alone ever. For some reason I felt they were safer running wild in a mall. When a youth leader of some such asked me to send my kids to their sunday schools (what is that in any case biblically speaking?) I refused totally. It put the real fear of G-d into me – for some reason in church I would hold my little boys’ (I only have boys, hence) hands extremely tightly until they were safely at home.

  2. Hi There,
    I was in Ugie with William Harvey and Naas Van Zyl and I can just imagine what they
    went through. William why don’t you ask your brother Glen to confirm your story and
    come clean with the hole thing. He had priviledges that none of us ever had I wonder why !!!! When this story first came out my sister and I were so shocket and disgusted. My mother passed on a couple of years ago and in her last days she was trying to find comford by reading Solly’s books. I am absolutely appaulled and just pleased that she is not alive to witness this shocking behaviour of a man she trusted to lead her to GOD.I have also read comments of what great things Solly
    did for the Ugie children( bull) he was paid for it all and lived in a lap of luxury. His
    children had the best of everything at all times we were this ones that suffered I was three years old when I was send to Ugie (alcoholic father) and I can remember
    getting my first pair of shoes when I went to high school. I can remember at that
    early age having to move steel beds and scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees. I was never sorry that I left that place and never did I want to go to any of the reunions. Naas and William be strong for your families and I really do not believe that you are doing this for the money. You could have done it long ago

  3. Let me tel you something. I grew up in the old cliché Afrikaans Christian Home, I was sodomised by my brothers older friend when I was 9 and 10. and years later when I was in Matric, and I told my parents what happend, they did not believe me. They drove to the Mans house and confronted him. And as right as rain he denied everything with a smirk on his face and acted deeply hurt that I would make such assumptions. Crux of the story: only if Solly was the Christain Man he claims to be, this would have been his vhance for redemtion. But its typical of the NG Kerk Afrikaner mentality to cover up everything that would seem “distastefull” for civilisation.

  4. Ek dink omdat daar geen bewyse is vir die bewerings nie is dit absoluut absurd dat Huisgenoot so iets gepubliseer het. Huisgenoot is ‘n sensasie tydskrif – hulle gee nie om of hulle iemand se naam deur die modder sleep nie.

    • Mense voel te verskriklik en daarom neem dit soveel jare om uit te kom. Vir WAT sal hulle sulke goed na al die jare kwytraak? As ‘n kind van my na my toe kom en my so-iets vertel glo ek my kind onvoorwaardelik want ek weet wie hy is. Tot in ENGELAND moet al die ou groot helde, selfs Rolph Harris, nou teregstaan vir molestering van kinders. Dit kom altyd na baie jare uit. Die “aangename” Jimmy Savile was die aakligste der aakligste ou man – sy dade maak ‘n mens naar! Toe ek ‘n kind was was daar ‘n orrelis (‘n omie van so 40 jaar oud wat vir ons OUD was) en hy’t hope kinders, dogerties EN seuntjies gemolesteer. Ek verfoei hierdie dade.

      • Wat my die meeste pla is die Opskrif: “God sal bepaal of ek skuldig is” huh? seer sekerlik weet ‘n mens of jy iets gedoen het of nie – wat het God daarmee te doen, waarom moet HY besluit daaroor. Hy moes net gese het: Ek is onskuldig! ‘n Baie eienaardige bewoording.

  5. Hi MediaSlut.
    Having to spend lots of time with someone who isn’t ‘vlug van begrip’ anymore I understand how they sometimes come across.
    Please don’t judge him just from his email responses to that first story. You can see he’s not all here any more.

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