With Cape Town being the World Design Capital for 2014, we can expect to see some amazing projects and initiatives in the next few months! VISI seems to be an official partner, and their latest issue, VISI 70, is an official World Design Capital 2014 project (and collectors’ issue!).

Just looking at VISI “34 reason to love…”-section at the back (which is smartly named the “20+14 reason to love…”-section for this issue!) one can clearly see what Cape Town has to offer!

And to celebrate the creativity, VISI has approached young Capetonian artist Jody Paulsen, and used his felt designed fabrics which makes up the 4 unique covers for this issue (see all covers in this post). More info in the press release below.

This is really is an Africa-Fantastic(a)-issue, which would make any South African proud of our talent!

Official World Design Capital 2014 project by VISI magazine unveiled

Offering four different covers for readers to collect, VISI magazine kicks off the year with its Feb/Mar 2014 edition an official World Design Capital 2014 (WDC2014) project.

The eye-popping “WILD DESIGN” issue is currently available on shelves. The clash-tastic covers are based on the hand-cut felt works of young Capetonian artist Jody Paulsen and captured for VISI’s readers by photographer Nico Krinjo. These cover designs are a product of a gifted city – Cape Town, the design capital of the world.

Cape Town was designated WDC2014 at the International Design Alliance Congress in October 2011 – a prestigious designation bestowed biennially by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. World Design Capitals recognises the value of design thinking, and is dedicated to using design as a tool for social, cultural and economic development.

With VISI being the authoritative South African voice on decor, design and architecture, the official recognition brand as partner in celebrating design is a perfect match.  VISI’s official WDC2014 hashtag is #WDC428.

In the magazine, “The 20+14 reasons to love our country’s design” includes insights into the global movement of collectible design and Cape Town’s newest international design fair, Guild, along with an historic timeline of iconic SA designs since democracy, previews of 18 official WDC2014 projects, and other highlights.

Sumien Brink, editor-in-chief of VISI, which is published by New Media Publishing says, “We couldn’t have wished for a better way to kick off the New Year. The VISI team is super-excited about our covers and none of us could choose just one. I love the amazing mix of crazy patterns and colours, and best of all, that Africa is purple on every one – the Pantone colour of 2014.”

“With South Africa marking 20 years of democracy, this issue also serves as a tribute to celebrating the amazing design talent and culture which has flourished in South Africa in the past two decades. We want this issue to demonstrate that design is more than just a hipster ideal. It is a meaningful way to improve people’s lives,” Brink concludes.



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