MagLove: V, VS & Visi!

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My choice of the best international and local magazine covers in MagLovethis week:

  • The Hollywood Report
  • The New York Times Magazine
  • V Magazine
  • VS. Magazine
  • VISI
  • House and Leisure FOOD


The Hollywood Reporter, 7 February 2014

The Hollywood Reporter, 7 February 2014

On this weekly column, we’ve featured some brilliant covers with the cover lines written on actual black board (here as well), and one even where it’s written with BBQ sauce!

So I’m including this week’s The Hollywood Reporter’s cover with Jay Leno, as it once again features a different and unique way of playing around with cover lines, and how we use it in the best possible way on a cover… 

The New York Times Magazine, 19 January 2014

The New York Times Magazine, 19 January 2014

In 2013 we seen the trend of Cyber-Bullying gain momentum even more, and I think 2014 will be even worse…

This cover illustrates it in an extremely striking and effective way of how a bunch of random people can gang up against one person (or company sometimes), all behind their computer screens and with the click of a mouse…

You may read the full article here.

V Magazine, Spring Preview 2014

V Magazine, Spring Preview 2014V Magazine, Spring Preview 2014

What makes this cover stand out? Well, V magazine has used the ‘peel-technique’ on this cover, where the reader peels back a plastic skin to reveal a different image underneath! And I would say it did it bloody brilliantly!

But it’s not the first (in case you thought so…).

I remember Wallpaper* doing it with its October 2009 cover (to reveal a buff naked man) and I also remember a French magazine called MAGAZINE, where the reader was able to peel back its masthead to reveal a dress on the model (while the reader might have thought she would be naked…)

An expensive project to do, but I think always very effective (and cool!).

Vs. Magazine, SS14

Vs. Magazine, SS14Vs. Magazine, SS14Vs. Magazine, SS14 Vs. Magazine, SS14

Vs. Magazine, SS14Vs. Magazine, SS14

I’m not too familiar with Vs. Magazine, but its split covers are definitely worthy of a shout-out, as all four covers have the exact same look and feel, and sit very well next to each other — the same with VISI magazine (see below).

Having a strong theme and execution on all the covers (if you’re doing split covers) is very important, and always works “better”.







Look quickly, and you might miss it, but VISI’s latest issue (also) features a split run of 4 covers.  It’s quite a busy cover, but the patterns are just so striking and bold and colourful, that’s it’s the perfect way to welcome in 2014, which is the year of Cape Town being the World Design Capital 2014. This is also an authorised WDC2014 project, and a WDC2014 collector’s issue. The four different covers is ‘based on the hand-cut felt works of young Capetonian artist Jody Paulsen, in collaboration with photographer Nico Krinjo’, says the mag.

House and Leisure FOOD, 2014

House and Leisure Food 2014

Year after year I just love the House and Leisure “Food Issue” covers. This year readers can evendownload nine different stencil designs to be able to create cakes decorated like the one of the cover.

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