Ideas / Idees, March 2014

Ideas 3 March 2014

Regular readers of my website would know that I’m a big fan of Ideas / Idees magazines, as they constantly publish thee most creative covers and cover concepts. If you look at my Ideas-cover-archive, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But then in February 2014, I thought they dropped the ball…

Ideas 2 February 2014

My tweet expressing my thoughts on the cover, with the response from the editor Terena le Roux;

But after seeing their March 2014 cover, they’ve made up for it in all ways! And I think it’s a cover they should enter  for PICA Awards 2014!

They took the “Illustration” theme through-out the WHOLE issue, and they started by welcoming the reader and introducing the reader to the team…all illustrated. Loved it, and felt I just had to share it…


Ideas_March-2014_preview-5 Ideas_March-2014_preview-6 Ideas_March-2014_preview-7

Ideas / Idees

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