Huisgenoot, 27 February 2014

Huisgenoot 1.9 27 February 2014

The thing about living in the spot-light, is that your highs and lows can usually be tracked by the magazine covers… as is the case with Angelique Gerber (7de Laan star, and ex-presenter of Boer Soek ‘n Vrou)… It has now come to light that her and her husband are indeed getting a divorce (after being on again, off again), but here’s their magazine-cover-path to where they are today… (You can also view her cover-archive right here)

Huisgenoot 1 December 2011:  Angelique and Ben-G share their happiest day with Huisgenoot readers.

Huisgenoot 6.5 1 December 2011

rooi rose May 2012: Angelique is on the cover of rooi rose, and inside the May 2012 issue, she and Ben-G share pictures of their island-honeymoon with readers.

Rooi Rose 5 May 2012

Huisgenoot, 4 October 2012: Angelique saying that Ben-G “teaches me that love can win”… And then something happened just after this issue was published…

Huisgenoot 4.9 4 October 2012

Apparently in the same month that the above issue appeared, Ben-G told Angelique the ‘truth’. Angelique is not saying what was said, and what the reasons were/are, and Ben-G didn’t comment, but reading her reactions afterwards, one can only assume…

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 11.19.51 AM

For the full article, you can buy the digital issue of Huisgenoot.

Finesse, March 2014: Angelique on the latest cover of Finesse, talking about “when life isn’t a picnic”. How much she reveals in the interview, I can’t say…



2 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 27 February 2014

  1. Heel mooiste meisiekind op SA TV, hoe kan Ben-G dit aan haar doen? Maak my sommer wil tjank uit frustrasie om haar part. Nou; ‘n verhaal het altyd 3 kante: Die man se weergawe, dan die vrou sin en laastens die waarheid. Wat gaan ons volgende sien?

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