My Tyd (Rapport), 23 February 2014 (LAST ISSUE)

My Tyd 1.7 23 February 2014


I’ve said it many times before; I’m a big fan of My Tyd magazine that was inserted in Rapport every Sunday. I now officially have to say “was a big fan of My Tyd“, as this is the last issue (in it’s current format). Yes, Rapport and Media24 have decided not to continue this weekly magazine, but to rather have a Lifestyle-type-newspaper-supplement in the newspaper… It just won’t be the same…

Press Release:

Media24 News has announced that it will be closing its City Press and Rapport lifestyle magazines iMagazine and MyTyd, published by New Media Publishing. The last publication date for both titles is Sunday 23 February 2014.

Minette Ferreira, General Manager for Media24 Northern Newspapers said that the titles would be launching new lifestyle sections that will be produced in-house. Ferreira said that this was an evolutionary step for the Sunday titles and paves the way for new and innovative lifestyle vehicles to be launched in both City Press and Rapport during the course of the next month. More details will be made available upon launch.

Ads24 and the titles’ direct sales teams will handle the advertising sales for both the lifestyle sections of Rapport and City Press.

City Press launched the high-end lifestyle magazine in October 2011 and Rapport MyTyd, launched in March 2012.

Since it’s re-launch in March 2012, they’ve consistently been a beacon of hope for quality Afrikaans journalism on a weekly basis, and they also created iconic covers with Afrikaans personalities like no other magazine does. The only other Afrikaans magazine I can remember creating such strong and award winning covers, was INSIG. And reading some of the comments on their Facebook page, it doesn’t look like I’m the only Rapport reader that thinks the glossy magazine was one of the best parts

You can view my My Tyd-archive with issues right here.

In celebration of the brilliant work produced, I’ve selected 12 My Tyd covers that stood out for me (for their own unique reasons), and which I think shows exactly what I meant above… RIP My Tyd.

(If you click on each of the Issue Dates, you’ll be able to read more about the cover, and my thoughts on it)

22 July 2012


29 July 2012


19 August 2012


2 September 2012


7 October 2012


17 February 2013


17 March 2013


25 August 2013


15 September 2013

My Tyd 4.4 15 September 2013

22 September 2013

My Tyd 4.5 22 September 2013

17 November 2013

My Tyd 5.3 17 November 2013

16 February 2014

My Tyd 1.6 16 February 2014

My Tyd (Rapport)

  • Issue: 23 February 2014
  • On the cover: Bianca le Grange
  • Price: Free, with Rapport for the last time this Sunday
  • Twitter: @MyTydRapport
  • Editor on Twitter: @ElmariR

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