Heat South Africa, 13 March 2014

Heat 2.1 13 March 2014

Khloe Kardashian takes the cover story on this weeks heat South Africa, with the only Oscar-related news being:

  • “Oscar has a new girlfriend”
  • “Oscar cookies from Charly’s Bakery: not so sweet”

It’s probably due to print deadlines (The editor has decided not to engage with me and explain these factors), but all the other weeklies (People, YOU and Huisgenoot) is running with Oscar on their cover this week.

André Neveling, editor of heat South Africa, was a guest on Oscar Trial Channel 199 last night, talking about his experiences of meeting Oscar and Reeva, and how they planned to do a special shoot and interview with them as an Exclusive. The presenter Leigh Bennie ended the interview by saying that she would have liked to talk more about the new issue of Heat, because she heard they’ve published something special relating to the Oscar-case, but that there’s no time, so viewers would just have to go and buy it to see how they’re covering the story…

My gut feeling is that she was ad-libbing at this stage and had incorrect information, but as a viewer, I would be a bit disappointed if I was following this Oscar Channel, hearing that heat South Africa has something special about the Oscar-trial in the new issue out today. But to then only find ‘old’ news that I’ve read on a dozen other occasions already…

That being said, it’s great to see Oscar Trial Channel 199 also inviting editors to interviews, and as I understand, one of the reasons is for the editors to talk about how they are covering the trial in their magazines, and what readers can expect.

Heat South Africa

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