Huisgenoot, 13 March 2014

Huisgenoot 2.1 13 March 2014

Huisgenoot’s cover story is about Oscar Pistorius and the riveting Oscar-Trial, and they’re articles include:

  • “Oscar-saak agter the skerms”
  • “Eksklusiewe foto’s: Is sy die nuwe liefde?”
  • “Die lang messe is uit”
  • “Vriende so reg uit Hollywood” – In this story, they look at the his attractive friends and their fancy lives. The friends include Justin Divaris, Samantha Greyvenstein, Darren Fresco, Kevin Lerena, Gina Myers, Samantha Taylor and Matthew Buirski

You can view all the other Oscar Pistorius covers and related stories, right here in my Oscar-Archive.


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