Heat South Africa, 20 March 2014

Heat 2.2 20 March 2014

With the 13 February 2014 issue of Heat South Africa, I did a post about Heat possibly ‘copying’ story ideas from People South Africa, after receiving an e-mail from a reader of my website, and reader of both these titles. I wasn’t the most popular person, with the editor of Heat, André Neveling, sending me the following;

This all happened on 7 February 2014, when I pointed this out. One would think that Heat would then be a bit more ‘cautious’ going forward… It seems like it’s not the case, as this was the cover of People South Africa with their 28 February 2014 issue (on street Friday 21 February).

People 1.9 28 February 2014

This from ANOTHER reader of both titles, who sent me an e-mail;
I wanted to mention, I thought it odd that Heat magazine has a very similar cover to what People magazine had a few week ago this week.
Didn’t people do the whole Kardashian addicted to surgery thing like a month ago? Are Heat allowed to do that?
I just ask because I’m Kardashian obsessed and I hate reading the same info twice. I probably won’t buy Heat this week because of it.
Just wondering.
So if you look at the People cover with “Addicted to Surgery” and Heat cover “Obsessed with surgery”, it’s clear that it’s the same story, just 3/4 weeks later. The Khloe picture is even the same on both… Not really sure what to say… So I’m just putting it out there. Again.
You’re welcome to leave your comments below if you have something to add.

Heat South Africa

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