SARIE, April 2014

SARIE 4 April 2014

In this issue, SARIE readers will see a small tribute to Anneke Blaise, who passed away on 17 February 2014, on the editors letter page (see below).

On the cover is the Binnelanders actress Nadia Valvekens (who was also on the May 2013 cover less than a year ago…), as she shows SARIE readers the 3 possible wedding dresses she might be wearing on her wedding day (well, that of her character Pippa in the soapie Binnelanders).

It’s actually cool how SARIE and Binnelanders have worked together on this ‘project’, because Fanie Cronjé the Style Editor who styled the shoot, will also be appearing in Binnelanders in lead up to her wedding! As I understand it, Pippa’s fiancé, the millionaire Riaan, has approached SARIE (yes, in the storyline) to get their best to come and help out Pippa to find her perfect dress. So Fanie will be appearing in Binnelanders from tomorrow evening (18 March), until the wedding day, to help Pippa.

Great synergy!

Sarie - April 2014

Sarie 5 May 2013


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