Huisgenoot, 27 March 2014

Huisgenoot 2.3 27 March 2014

Oscar Pistorius is of course still very much top of mind, and Huisgenoot is looking at what will happen if Oscar were to go to jail… They’re asking the following questions (in Afrikaans):

  • “Wat van sy kunsbene?”
  • “Hoe sy dae sal lyk”
  • “Sal hy oefen?”

But they’re also looking at all the ‘characters’ (as I see them sometimes) in the court drama. So all the people you would have seen sitting next to and in front of Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa. And everyone typing and writing frantically behind Barry Roux and staring down the witnesses. And also everyone sitting around Gerrie Nel. They look at each of these people, with a description of what their role is. I found this extremely interesting and helpful (as I’ve been wondering this for a while…)

You can view all the Oscar Pistorius related covers and news right here.


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