SARIE KOS / FOOD, April / May 2014

SARIE Kos 2 April May 2014


SARIE KOS readers, don’t get confused! There’s a new baby on the block, and she’s also cooking, and the twin of SARIE KOS. They call her SARIE FOOD, and will now also be published 6 times a year along side SARIE KOS, as a translated version.

I’ve been a fan of SARIE KOS since it launched in 2007, and having extended English speaking family, I’ve always wanted to pass some of the copies on to them, but of course the Afrikaans would be a big problem… So I’m personally excited about this, as I can now by an English version (SARIE FOOD), which can be read by my English partner, and also his family who lives abroad, and who loves cooking as much as we do!

You might remember that in April 2013 last year, SARIE launched a special edition “SARIE FOOD – Best of SARIE KOS” (see below), which was a stand alone with a collection of previous SARIE KOS recipes, translated. Apparently it was received very well (as I thought it would), so I was surprised that they haven’t decided to make it official as it’s own brand sooner…

But it’s here, and I’m a happy chappy!

Sarie FOOD 1 2013

SARIE KOS now available in English

For years English readers have never stopped asking for a translation of the very popular and multi-award-winning food magazine SARIE KOS. This month sees their wish becomes reality as SARIE FOOD, the English version, will be on sale together with SARIE KOS from 26 March 2014. SARIE FOOD is now also published six times a year with SARIE KOS.

“When we started SARIE KOS in 2007 we never envisioned an English version”, says SARIE’s acclaimed editor, Michélle van Breda. “The special SARIE FOOD edition which we published last year (see above – ed.) featured a collection of 119 SARIE KOS favourites. It was hugely successful with readers and awarded a PICA for Best Annual magazine, prompting the idea to publish SARIE FOOD, a translated version of every issue of SARIE KOS. English-speaking food-lovers can now look forward to a taste of modern-day Afrikaans cooking and entertaining in every issue. The mantra of SARIE KOS has always been that the magazine talks food and the conversation is absolutely mouth-watering. Readers will be in for a treat – with dishes straight from the heart”.

The mouth-watering feast of food photography and recipes is divided into five categories: Fine Food, Home Food, Dream Food, Health Food and Our Food. According to Barbara Joubert, SARIE KOS’ award-winning food editor, her grandma’s delicious home cooking was the inspiration behind this issue.  Grandma’s food turns trendy with new recipes and readers can enjoy some new takes like bredies with a twist, milk tart with chocolate, malvapudding and pears and samoosas filled with snoek. Add the 30 muffins (15 sweet & 15 savoury), meat-free pies, Fête pudding for diabetics and gluten-free rusks and you are in for a real treat.

SARIE FOOD is another brand extension to support the 360 degree SARIE world. It includes SARIE, SARIE KOS, SARIE BRUID, SARIE WOON, SARIE kreatief, SARIE Karoo (available 31 March) and the SARIE website,, which includes SARIE’s online shop.

SARIE FOOD will be on the shelf alongside every issue of SARIE KOS and the April/May 2014 issues will be available from 26 March at R39,90 each.



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