Men’s Health South Africa, April 2014

Mens Health 4 April 2014

Something is missing on this cover… can you spot it? Eye-contact… The reason why I’m pointing it out, is because it’s not everyday that a Consumer title of this size takes the risks of putting someone on the cover with out any form or eye-contact. If you’ve ever been in a magazine environment, you’ll know when the different cover options go up, that the debate is always; “Her eyes are too scary”, “he’s not looking into the camera enough”, “her eyes are too distant” and “I’m not getting a connection”…

The reason why they have these discussions, is because magazine publishers believe that the readers walks pass a magazine shelf, and actually connects with the person on the cover (possibly via their eyes), and then read the cover lines, and then hopefully buy the issue.

So what now?

I don’t think it’s ‘wrong’ necessarily, as I love it when magazines do something out of the ordinary, and the complete cover is strong enough.

And I can see why they did it; to put the focus of the reader on all the different parts of Lee’s body which they’re covering in different stories in this issue, like “6-Pack Abs that Last!” and “Big Guns in No Time”.

It just caught my eye immediately (the fact that there are no eyes to look at…), so I just wanted to point it out. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Men’s Health South Africa

  • Issue: April 2014
  • On the cover: Lee Phillips
  • Price: R42
  • Twitter: @MensHealthZA

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