Media24 squeezes out new Celebrity News Mobile platform The Juice … But what about Heat…?

The Juice logo

You might have heard that there’s a new Gossip/Celebrity News baby in the playing field, but she’s not in magazine format, but rather purely Mobile… She’s called The Juice, and is best viewed from mobile phones by visiting

The editor is Jessica Levitt, who you might recall as being the Deputy Editor of Heat up until 28 March last year (see tweet below).

She then moved on to Huisgenoot and YOU, and has since been promoted as the new editor of this new venture that Media24 is testing* (*I use this term because like most things, it’s for a trial period, and then canned if not working/performing). I definitely think there’s a market for this in South Africa, especially with a lot of the articles being locally-focussed.

But the following popped into my head the first time I heard about it: How would this affect Heat South Africa…? I thought that this might be a way that Media24 might want to try to slowly migrate Heat South Africa readers away from the printed format, and move them over to Mobile. And then The Chop…

It would be interesting to see if is promoted and featured in Heat South Africa, because personally I think there’s an element of competition (especially between the two websites who both have daily updates).

This from Jessica Levitt: “People digest information in different ways. Mobile is instant and The Juice is updated daily with informative yet short blasts of news. Magazines like heat have great value because it offers an in-depth look at news. The story behind the story.”

Press Release:

Media24 launches SA’s first Mobile Celebrity News and Entertainment brand The Juice

Media24 announced the launch of South Africa’s very first mobile celebrity news and entertainment brand The Juice by its Media24 Weekly Magazines division, which is now available at

One of South Africa’s most authoritative voices on all things celebrity, respected journalist Jessica Levitt, has been appointed as editor of The Juice. Levitt boasts an impressive career history having worked for popular entertainment titles heat and YOU magazines during the past decade.

Levitt explains The Juice: “As South Africa’s very first mobile celebrity news brand, The Juice covers all the hottest gossip, entertainment, music, movies and general highlights of our country and beyond. All of this is available around the clock in the palm of one’s hand, thanks to the savvy mobi site being The Juice’s primary vehicle.”

Levitt says that she has a clear vision for the new media brand, stating: “With mobile media consumption on the increase in South Africa and globally, I believe The Juice has the power to become one of SA’s leading mobile brands, and most certainly the leader in mobile celebrity news and entertainment. Working together with a team of respected journalists, I have no doubt that The Juice will soon become a highly regarded and trusted source.”

According to Lee-Ann Coosner, publisher of Media24 Weekly Magazines, The Juice is an excellent platform for advertisers to engage with mobile users. Coosner says: “Smart phones and tablets have become a platform for consumers to engage with any brand on an on-going and meaningful basis, no matter where they are or what time of day. We are therefore tremendously excited about not only how we shall entertain our target audience, but on how we can provide advertising solutions for our business partners.”

Levitt concludes: “Celebrity culture in SA is constantly evolving. We’re living in an era where people are interested in every aspect of a celebrity’s life. With The Juice, we’re giving people just that; interviews, gossip and scoops on all their favourite stars.”

For all the breaking celebrity news and entertainment, visit The Juice at Also follow The Juice on Twitter (TheJuiceSA).

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