YOU, 10 April 2014

YOU 2.5 10 April 2014

This week, I think the article that will get most YOU readers talking, or even hot under the colour, is the 4 pages of text-conversations between Reeva and Oscar

YOU has published a whole range of texts going back and forwards between the two calling each other “Boo”, “Noo” and “Angel” regularly. Some texts we’ve read or heard about before, as they were read in court, but others I haven’t read at all before…

There’s one stream in particular that I think will get people talking (for different reasons), and that is the sex-texts sent on 1 February 2014…

  • Reeva: 20:45 – Maybe we should have a date night tomor boo before Marty comes home.
  • Reeva: 20:45 – Have sex on the kitchen counter.
  • Oscar: 20:45 – The couch.
  • Reeva: 20:45 – The stairs.

What I liked about their treatment of the story, is that they also included tweets and public pictures that might have been related to a specific text or date that it was sent, to put it into more context for the reader.


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