BELLA South Africa, April 2014

Bella 4 April 2014

Bella South Africa is claiming on their cover that this is “die 1ste onderwater voorblad-shoot in SA!” (Translation: The 1st underwater cover shoot in South Africa!)

Unfortunately this is incorrect, and they can’t claim this for them or for Leandie du Randt, as in January 2014, iMagazine (previously free weekly magazine in City Press, but has since then closed) had a brilliant underwater cover with Liquid Deep… (See below)


This from the Editors Letter:

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.15.52 AM

My problem with this claim is that “first magazine” is very vast, and includes anything from Customer titles, to Consumer titles, and even to B2B-titles… But even just in the Consumer category, they can’t claim this. But if they were to say “first women’s magazine in South Africa”, it would have been a much safer bet, and then they could possibly make this claim (if proper research was done on this front).

But with the current claim, it doesn’t seem like proper research was done. Hell, I can’t even claim that the iMagazine cover is the first underwater cover shoot in South Africa… Purely from recollection, possibly. But not fact.

Behind the scenes video of the underwater shoot. It is actually quite amazing to see the amount of work that goes into a shoot like this…

BELLA South Africa

  • Issue: April 2014
  • On the Cover: Leandie du Randt
  • Price: R26
  • Twitter: @BellaMag_SA
  • Editor on Twitter: @MagdieRaats

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