De Kat, March / April 2014

De Kat 1 March April 2014 Afr De Kat 1 March April 2014 Eng

Press Release:

The latest issue of DEKAT is on shelf and it takes a glamorous look into the fashion, lifestyle and culture of the 1920s. Hailed as the Roaring Twenties, the era was one of the most exciting of the 20th century – a decade that brought with it a number of firsts, new discoveries and the vote for American women.

Decadence and drama, Flappers and flagpole sitters, music and mayhem, bootleg alcohol – and, of course, America’s Great Depression – all packed into 10 years that came after the horrors of World War I.

Publisher of DEKAT, Elzilda Becker says, “The 1920s pushed boundaries like never before, a bit like we enjoy doing at DEKAT. It was a decade of exciting social change and profound cultural conflict. It was even the first decade to have a nickname – the Roaring Twenties. The younger generation rebelled against traditional taboos and women in America were given the vote. Hemlines were on the rise, Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic and cocktails became the drink of the decade.

“Opting to create our own Gatsby, DEKAT transformed Jacques du Preez, Terence Jansen van Vuuren and Greta Pietersen into 1920s starlets for the cover and added them to the entertaining line-up that includes F. Scott Fitzgerald, Coco Chanel and DorothyParker.

“Join DEKAT on a relaxing journey through a fabulous era – it’ll make you reach for your old dog-eared copy of The Great Gatsby while you kick back and relax with your favourite cocktail.”

De Kat

  • Issue: March / April 2014
  • On the Cover: Jacques du Preez, Terence Jansen van Vuuren and Greta Pietersen
  • Price: R39
  • Twitter: @DEKAT_tjirp

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