NEW MAGAZINE: The Box, for CrossFit crazy community

The Box

It was bound to happen, and it’s here now, in all it’s glory; CrossFit fans now have their own magazine, catered for their lifestyle and for their fitness routine. It’s called The Box, and I’ll put my money on it that it will be a Hit! More information below.

Press Release:


The Box South Africa Logo

Niche communications and publishing company, Bespoke Media, has just launched The Box South Africa – the magazine by the CrossFit community, for the CrossFit community.

The Box South Africa will serve and inspire the dedicated and aspiring South African CrossFit community by offering a blend of motivation and education. Each issue will bring readers a mix of local and international content and expertise. From nutrition and gear to research, training and movement mechanics, readers will be able to tap into the best tips and advice to assist them on their CrossFit journey.

CrossFit has exploded onto the fitness scene and is one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa. Its goal is to forge overall fitness through a high-intensity blend of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, running, rowing and jump-roping.

Commenting on the launch of the magazine, Bespoke Media MD, Seraj Toefy, says, “We are the first country outside of the States to launch an edition of The Box magazine. We are very excited to be a part of the vibrant CrossFit community in South Africa, and to be tailoring this title and its content to this ever-growing niche market”.

Tash King, the magazine’s consulting editor, is a dedicated CrossFit trainer and competitor. She comments, “Community is one of the most important aspects of CrossFit. We want to make sure that our local athletes, boxes, competitions and trainers are celebrated, highlighted and given the props they deserve”.

Tash continues, “This magazine is for long standing veterans of the sport and those who have just walked into their box. We want to be a tool that enables all our readers to improve their CrossFit experience.”

Dave Levey is the cover guy for this first March/April issue and readers will enjoy an up close and personal feature with this two-time CrossFit African Regionals Champion and owner of two boxes (the no-frills CrossFit gyms). The magazine is now on shelf at all CNA and Reebok concept stores, and at selected Spar stores and CrossFit boxes.


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