SARIE, May 2014

SARIE 5 May 2014

This is, according to me personally, the best cover so far of actress Diaan Lawrenson! Hands down! You can view her cover-archive right here.

Or just look at her extensive SARIE cover collection, starting from September 2004! So 10 years later, Diaan can be proud of having 7 SARIE covers so far! Not all of them quite that memorable or stylish, but still :-).

SARIE, June 2012

Sarie 6 June 2012

SARIE, October 2010

Paula Oct 2010

SARIE, May 2008

Paula May 2008

SARIE, July 2006

Paula July 2006

SARIE, October 2005

Paula Oct 2005

SARIE, September 2004

Paula Sept 2004








  • Issue:
  • On the cover:
  • Price: R33.50
  • Twitter: @SARIEtydskrif
  • Editor on Twitter: @MichVBreda

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