Grazia South Africa, 16 April 2014

GRAZIA 2.5 16 April 2014

Ladies and ladies, I present to you the first official issue of Grazia South Africa with Kerrie Simon-Lawrence (all the way from Dubai) as the new editor. I’ve also included her first Editors Letter, which I found interesting that she didn’t even say a quick “hello”, or a quick “looking forward to bringing you x y and z”…

Grazia - 16 April 2014

So I’ll do the introduction a bit, by showing you some of her Instagram moments 🙂

Starting the long big move from Dubai to sunny South Africa…

Dubai, it's been a pleasure. #johannesburg #earlyflight

A post shared by Kerrie Simon-Lawrence (@kerriesimonlawrence) on

Sending her first official issue to print…

Ok @graziasa, let's send this baby to press!

A post shared by Kerrie Simon-Lawrence (@kerriesimonlawrence) on

A cute “JHB Guide Book” she received as a present, to familiarize herself with Johannesburg…

Exploring NeighbourGoods Market…

You can see and learn more about Kerrie by following her on Instragram @KerrieSimonLawrence

Welcome to South Africa, Kerrie! I look forward to see what you bring to the fashion table!

Grazia South Africa

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