FHM South Africa, May 2014 (FINAL ISSUE)

FHM 5 May 2014

I honestly thought FHM’s final issue would be the June 2014 issue, but the May 2014 is their last. Even though it’s their last, and the editor was able to say final goodbyes in his editors letter, the issue is filled with errors (see below)! From still showing subscription details, to inviting readers to send in letters and questions or their funny joke (to be published in a future issue…), but the best one: “Want to be FHM Girlfriend of the Year 2014?”, with rules and entry information and everything, nogals!

Future magazines that close, please learn from this…

The full picture which I tweeted on 25 April    FHM Final Issue errors

To read more about the closure of FHM, you can read my report “FHM. It’s a Dead Thing”, right here.

I mean, how could this be missed by all the staff and editor? With a final issue, don’t you want to make sure it goes out with a BANG? It’s not like these are massive design changes that would take days and days. If the editor was able to re-write his ed’s letter (with a few errors itself), then surely these small (yet, big) changes could have been made.

You can read the editors final letter below. Spot the error…

FHM_May 2014

But wait, the errors and things we can learn, don’t stop there…

As soon as the issue hit the shelves (or even before), FHM South Africa dissapeared off the Social Media World completely by deleting their Facebook and Twitter accounts completely, and the website by end-April. This to me is the worst, because they’ve already not communicated with their readers honestly at all (took them weeks to say ANYTHING on social media), and then when the issue goes on-shelf, and readers might read about the news in the letter for the first time and might have questions, there is NO way for them to communicate with the FHM team to say how sad it is, or to ask a specific question….

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 2.46.10 PM Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 2.49.23 PM


But that’s the end folks. The end of FHM South Africa. With their last issue. Even though readers might very well think it’s not, as there are so many areas in the final issue that makes it sound like it’s still going strong…

To read more about the closure of FHM, you can read my report “FHM. It’s a Dead Thing”, right here.

FHM South Africa

  • Issue: May 2014
  • On the cover: Georgia Salpa
  • Price: R41
  • http://www.fhm.co.za (Not active anymore)
  • Twitter: @FHMSouthAfrica
  • Editor on Twitter: @LouRaubenehime

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