TRUE LOVE, June 2014

TRUE LOVE 6 June 2014

This is Kelly Khumalo’s 2nd TRUE LOVE cover, with her last one being March 2012 (see below).

True Love 3 March 2012


One thought on “TRUE LOVE, June 2014

  1. it was brave for Dudu to put have Kelly on TL: lesson learned as a woman depend on your self financially never make a man your minister of finance, work for your own stuff not wait for someone to rescue you, take time to know him before introducing him to your children, be responsible including contraceptives and condom to prevent blame game in pregnancy and hiv, be levelled head that you know what you are doing including introduction to his friends and expect surprises, and have a room for disappointment. We all know someone who went through the worst than her in our neighbourhood cheated and lied to by the man is not new as it is happening to someone who is in public but the washing laid in public is the old woman tail, not judging empathetic.

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